Hi, I'm Mirko! I'm currently working and teaching for the Fraunhofer FIT in the areas of econometrics, microsimulation and data science. I am always looking for interesting opportunities and offer freelance consulting services. As a side job I make video games.

Economics & Statistics


I am currently working as post-doctoral researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, for which I have developed a microsimulation model which can accurately simulate the static effects of changes in the tax code for all German companies. The model is under continuous development and widely used by the German federal government to estimate the impact of intended tax reforms.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Since 2016 I am teaching lab courses and lectures about data analysis and visualization for students of the University of Bonn and the RWTH Aachen. Topics include regression analysis, clustering, text analysis and methods for static and interactive data visualisation.

Data Analysis Consulting

Companies who manage to gather, process and analyse the abundance of data generated by today's digital world have a tremendous edge over their competition. I offer freelance consulting services aimed at small and mid-sized companies who are interested in learning about, exploring and leveraging the vast potential of their data. I provide theoretical expertise and applied experience in regression analysis, machine learning, data mining, clustering and text analysis. Typical applications include customer behavior prediction, market analysis and data-driven process and product improvement.

If you are interested, get in touch!

Game Development

BossConstructor (2016)

Scavenge modules, combine them in the deadliest and most efficient ways imaginable, and fly your very own spaceship through alien space with BossConstructor. Thousands of procedurally generated galaxies await you and your space-faring collection of assembled modules to explore.
For more information have a look at my blog or the game's store page.

T.b.a. (est. 2019)

I have begun working on my next game and will publish more information as its development progresses. :)

Private Lessons


I offer coaching and private lessons for students in the areas of computer science, mathematics, statistics and economics. I also offer independent consulting for bachelor and master theses. If you are interested, get in touch!


Ich biete Nachhilfe für Studenten und Oberstufenschüler in den Bereichen Informatik, Mathematik, Statistik und VWL. Zudem biete ich eine unabhängige Beratung bei Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten. Bei Interesse, einfach kurz melden!


I am an enthusiast and occasionally semi-professional photographer who and enjoys travel, nature and cosplay photography. You can find more of my cosplay photos at AikoushaCosplayFoto (Facebook).